Areas of the world ecological agriculture

Agriculture in Spain

The area of marginal agricultural use is located mainly in the geomorphological region of the Interior Chain. Currently, much of its land is used in unimproved pasture for extensive livestock grazing, and for the limited cultivation of corn and maize. Over time, the best areas of this zone and those surrounding the other agricultural zones may be influenced by the development of these and incorporated into the respective agricultural zones.

Because El Salvador’s economy is based primarily on agriculture, any attempt to increase agricultural production takes on national importance. The adaptation of new and better varieties of traditional crop plants, the improvement of cultivation methods, the rational use of fertilizers and pesticides, the mechanization of work, etc., tend to increase production. However, without a coordinated and duly planned effort in accordance with the limits determined by economic and social conditions, it will not be possible to think of an orderly and permanent development.

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Where are the main agricultural regions of the world located?

The largest producers are China (1.2 million), India (900,000) and Kenya (350,000 tons). Brazil is the world leader in green coffee production with 43,00 60kg bags in 2011, followed by Vietnam with 20,000 bags, Indonesia 8,250 and Colombia 7,800.

What are agricultural zones?

These agricultural zones can provide a defined framework for the development of agricultural activities involving agriculture itself, as well as livestock and forestry activities.

How livestock affect the environment

research for scientists involved in the study of sustainability in terms of: indigenous peoples in protected areas; the economics of biodiversity; ecoagriculture; computer-prioritization of conservation.

Alcoa Foundation we launched twenty sustainability fellowships for mid-career scientists to research relevant issues: indigenous peoples in protected areas; the economics of biodiversity; ecoagriculture; computer-prioritized conservation.

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How agriculture affects the environment

If there is one economic activity that has developed throughout history, it is agriculture. Already in the Neolithic, with the first civilizations, society was in charge of food management through agriculture.

It is considered one of the activities that gave rise to the economy, as well as to the study of the administration and management of resources. It is also considered a fundamental activity for the self-sufficient development and wealth of nations.

With the progress of the sector, as well as the objectives of the various governments, there are increasingly more and more diverse types of agriculture. Therefore, in addition to the types mentioned above, there are other types, as well as a series of other innovations that will give rise to new methods of practicing agriculture.


Climate change has a significant impact on soil, and changes in land and soil use can accelerate or slow climate change. Without healthier soils and sustainable land and soil management, we cannot address the climate crisis, produce enough food or adapt to a changing climate. The answer may lie in preserving and restoring key ecosystems and letting nature sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

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The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) recently published a map[i] showing that the top 30 cm of the planet’s soil contains almost twice as much carbon as exists in the entire atmosphere. After the oceans, soil is the second largest natural carbon sink, exceeding the capacity of forests and other vegetation to sequester carbon dioxide from the air. These facts remind us of the importance of healthy soils, not only for food production, but also to help us prevent the worst effects of climate change.

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